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These are just a few of the beautiful, fine, hand-knotted rugs you will find at Weber Oriental Rugs, Inc.  We have thousands to choose from!

Prices available upon request via telephone at (727) 347-3359.
All rug sizes are approximate. KPSI=knots per square inch.
Shipping available with rug purchase.

(Click on any pictures you would like to see enlarged)


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5.7x9.1 Tabriz Prayer (Persia)/Ca. 1900/Wool pile/cotton warp/240 KPSI/signed Eghbal in Farsi

#17530 SOLD

8x10/1 Inscribed Cyrus Crown Kirman/Persia/Iran/Ca.1940/Wool pile/cotton warp/170 KPSI


3x5.2 Pictorial Fish/India/contemporary/handspun wool/natural dye/49 KPSI


2.2x3 Pictorial Fish/India/contemporary/handspun wool/natural dye/100 KPSI

#17534 SOLD

4.3x6.4 Mahjoren Sarouk/Persia/Ca. 1910/wool pile/400 KPSI

#17501 SOLD

9x11.7 Art Deco Chinese/China/Ca. 1920/wool pile/64 KPSI


4.7x6.9 Lavar Kirman /Persia/Ca. 1890/Wool pile/cotton warp/240 KPSI


1.10x2.8 Silk Ghoum/Iran/Persia/Ca.1960/Silk pile/silk warp/600 KPSI/inscription in Farsi


2x2.7 Silk Ghoum Prayer/Iran/Persia/Ca. 1960/Silk pile/silk warp/575 KPSI


2x3 Silk Ghoum Prayer/Iran/Persia/Ca 1960/Silk pile/silk warp/700 KPSI/signed Bahrehbar in Farsi


1.3x4 Silk Ghoum/Iran/Persia/Ca. 1975/Silk pile/silk warp/552 KPSI


8.2x11.5 Bijar/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1935/Wool pile/cotton warp/272 KPSI


8x11 Ahar Heriz/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1935/Wool pile/cotton warp/60 KPSI


5.3x10.6 Nahavand/Persia/Iran/ Ca. 1935/ Wool Pile/ Cotton Warp/ 49 KPSI


3.2x5.2 Kuba Bijov/ China/ Limited Production/ Ca, 1990/ Wool Pile/ Wool Warp/ 64 KPSI


1.3x4 Yuncu Complete Saddle Bags/ Turkey/ Mixed Technique Kilim/Ca. 1st Quarter 20th Century


2.5x4.8 Sarouk/ Persia/Iran/ Ca. 1935/ Wool Pile / Cotton Warp/ 224 KPSI


2.8x3.47 Taftanjian Sarouk Prayer/ Persia/Ca. 1915/ Wool Pilw/ Cotton Warp 144 KPSI


3.5x4.7 Tabriz- Iran/Persia- Circa 1980- Wool pile with silk highlights - cotton warp - Approx. 200 KPSI


3.7x4.6 American Indian Navajo - TWO GREY HILLS -Circa 1925 - Wool warp & weft - 21 wefts per linear inch


3x4.6 antique Angora Oushak Prayer - Turkey - Circa 1875 - wool pile - wool weft - approx. 36 KPSI


3.6x5.8 antique Konya - Turkey - Circa 1890 - wool pile - wool warp - approx. 54 KPSI


6.7x11.2 Serafian Isfahan - Iran/Persia - signed Serafian, Iran in Farsi and English - Circa 1945 - wool pile - silk warp - approx. 484 KPSI


3.7x5.2 Joshegan/Iran/Persia/Ca. 2nd Qtr. 20th century/wool pile/cotton warp/169 KPSI


9x12 Tabriz/China/Ca. contemporary/wool pile with silk highlights/cotton warp/278 KPSI


8.9x11.4 Art Deco Chinese/China/Ca. 1925/Manchester wool/cotton warp/69 KPSI


4.2x6.9 N.W. Persia/Persia/Ca. 1st Qtr. 20th century/wool pile/wool weft/cotton warp/56 KPSI


2.11x3.7 Yomut Ensi/Turkmenistan/Ca. 1st Qtr. 20th century/wool pile/wool warp/120 KPSI


1.6x2.1 Yomut Asmalyk/Turkmenistan/Ca.4th Qtr. 19th century/wool pile/wool warp/160 KPSI


3.2x3.10 Yomut Prayer/Turkmenistan/Ca. 1st Qtr. 20th century/wool pile/wool warp/112 KPSI


6.6x9.9 Tabriz/Iran/Ca.2nd Qtr.20th century/Wool & Silk pile/Cotton warp/324 KPSI

#53385 SOLD

3.3x4.6 Silk Hereke Prayer/Turkey/Ca.2nd Qtr. 20th century/Silk pile with gold metallic thread/Silk warp/700 KPSI

#53387 SOLD

4x6 Nain/Iran/Ca.1975/Wool & Silk pile/Cotton warp/600 KPSI


4.4x6.6 Kashan/Persia/Ca. 1935/Wool pile/Cotton warp/224 KPSI

#53383 SOLD

6.6x10.5 Tabriz/Iran/Ca.1975/Wool & Silk pile/Silk warp/729 KPSI


4.3x6.4 Karapinar/Turkey/Ca.1890/Wool pile/wool warp/100 KPSI

#53372 SOLD

9x11.2 Sarouk/Persia/Ca.1925/Wool pile/Cotton warp/100 KPSI SOLD


3x5 Tibetan/China/Ca. contemporary/Wool pile/cotton warp/49 KPSI


6x9.1 Bessarabian/India/Ca. contemporary/Wool pile/cotton warp/100 KPSI

#53328 SOLD

6.3x9.1 Tekke/Turkmenistan/Ca.1890/Wool pile/wool warp/160 KPSI


2.8x9.2 Injeles/Iran/Persia/Ca. 1950/Wool pile/cotton warp/70 KPSI

#52022 SOLD

2.9x8 Tibetan Leaf/Nepal/Ca. contemporary/Wool pile/cotton warp/natural dye/handspun wool/110 KPSI


1.7x5 Silk Ghoum/Iran/Persia/Ca. contemporary/Silk pile/silk warp/650 KPSI

#53249 SOLD

3.6x5 Yalameh/Iran/Persia/Ca.1975/Wool pile/cotton warp/120 KPSI

#53374 SOLD

4.6x6.4 Sarouk/Persia/Ca 1925/Wool pile/cotton warp/156 KPSI


2x3 Silk Tabriz/China/Ca.1995/Silk pile/Silk warp/600KPSI


2.5x3.2 Nain/Iran/Ca.1970/Wool with silk highlights/462 KPSI


6.8x10.1 Ferehan Sarouk/Iran/wool pile/cotton warp/circa 1950/ approx. 500 KPSI


5x8.2 Bibikabad/Iran/Persia/wool pile/cotton warp/circa 1950/approx. 120 KPSI


4.6x6.11 Kashan/Iran/Wool pile/Cotton warp/252 KPSI/Ca. 1950

#53271 SOLD

8.2x10 Zeigler-Sultanabad/India/Wool pile/100 KPSI


2.3x3.6 Isfahan/Iran/Ca.1950/Wool pile/Silk warp/500 KPSI


3.4x5 Silk Kashan/Persia/Ca.1st Qtr.20th century/Silk pile/Silk warp//624 KPSI/poetry in Farsi around the border


2.8x7.6 Gabbeh/Iran/Persia/Ca.mid 20th century/Wool pile/Wool warp/30 KPSI


4x6 Lavar Kirman/China/Ca.contemporary/Wool pile/Cotton warp/278 KPSI


3.5x6.3 Belouch Prayer/Afghanistan/Ca. mid 20th century/Wool pile/Wool warp/49 KPSI


3.1x6.1 Mehraban/Persia/Iran/Wool pile/cotton warp/Ca.1930/84 KPSI


4.3x7 Mayalar/Persia/Iran/Wool pile/cotton warp/Ca.1910/90 KPSI

#53339 SOLD

3.9x5 Yomud bagface/Turkmenistan/Wool pile/wool warp/Ca. 1880/150 KPSI


5.1x6.8 Tabriz/Persia-Iran/Wool with silk highlights/cotton warp/Ca. 1975 - 324 KPSI


5.1x6.9 Tabriz/Iran-Persia/Wool & silk pile/cotton warp/Ca.1975/Farsi inscriptions at both ends/324 KPSI


2.2x4.2 Silk Kashan Prayer/Persia/Ca.1925/Silk pile/silk warp/signed Kashan with poetry in Farsi around the borders/575 KPSI


2.6x2 Sarouk/Persia-Iran/Wool pile/cotton warp/Ca.1935/144 KPSI

#30115 SOLD

8.2x10.3 Kashan "Ardebil Mosque design"/Pakistan/Wool pile/cotton warp/Ca. contemporary/256 KPSI/handspun wool/natural dye


7.9x9.9 Tabriz/China/Wool with silk highlights pile/cotton warp/Ca. contemporary/177 KPSI


8x10 Kashan "Shah Abbas design"/China/wool pile/cotton warp/Ca. contemporary/178 KPSI


8x10 Tabriz/China/Wool & silk pile/cotton warp/Ca. contemporary/178 KPSI


6x9 Kashan/India/Silk & wool embossed pile/cotton warp/Ca. contemporary/110 KPSI


6x9 Tabriz/India/ Wool pile/cotton warp/Ca. contemporary/100 KPSI

#53277 SOLD

8x10 Kashan/India/Silk with wool embossed/New/110 KPSI


8x10 Kashan/India/Silk & wool embossed/New/110 KPSI

#53270 SOLD

8x10 Sultanabad/India/Wool pile/New/100 KPSI


10.2x13.8 Serapi/Pakistan/Handspun wool/natural dyes/New/81 KPSI

#52155 SOLD

10.1x13 Heriz/Persia/Semi-antique/2nd Qtr. 20th century/Wool pile/90 KPSI


3.7x4.10 Shirvan/Caucasian-Russia/Antique/4th Qtr. 19th century/110 KPSI

#53069 SOLD

8x10 Tabriz/Pakistan/New/Wool pile/Cotton warp/256 KPSI

#51394 SOLD

8.7x8.7 Square Nian/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1975/Wool pile/Silk highlights/552 KPSI

#16345 SOLD

4.7x7.3 Kashan/Iran/ Semi-antique/Wool pile/Cotton warp/256 KPSI


2.9x4.5 Flag/Pakistan/New/Wool pile/Cotton warp/90 KPSI

#52187 SOLD

2.10x10 Tabriz/Iran/New/Wool with silk highlights/Cotton warp/306 KPSI


2.3x3.5 Isfahan/Iran/Ca. 1950/Wool pile/Silk warp/528 KPSI

#16000 SOLD

8x10 Agra/India/New/Wool pile/Cotton warp/100 KPSI


2/3x3/5 Isfahan/Iran/New/Wool with silk highlights/Silk warp/441 KPSI


2x2.7 War Rug/Pakistan/Ca. 2002/Wool pile/Pictorial/132 KPSI


3.6x2 Yomut/Turkmenistan/Ca.1900/Wool pile/Wool warp/100 KPSI


3x5 Silk Prayer/China/New/Silk with gold/Silk warp/600 KPSI


2x3 Tabriz/Iran/New/Wool with silk highlights/ Cotton warp/272 KPSI

#B6814 SOLD

2x3 Lavar Kirman/Persia/Ca. 1900/Wool pile/Pictorial/272 KPSI


2 - 2x3 Tabriz/Iran/New/Wool with silk highlights/Cotton warp/272 KPSI


2x3 Tabriz/Iran/New/Wool with silk highlights/Cotton warp/306 KPSI


3x3 square Talish/China/Wool pile/Wool warp/New/72 KPSI

#16576 SOLD

3x3 square Bijar/India/New/Wool pile/Cotton warp/169 KPSI


3.6x5 Silk Qum/Iran/Ca. 1950/Silk pile/Silk warp/650 KPSI


2x3.2 Tabriz/Iran/New/Wool with silk highlights/Cotton warp/272 KPSI


2.4x2.5 Halvai Bijar/Persia/Ca. 1900/Wool pile/Cotton warp/324 KPSI


2x2.7 Baktiari/Iran/Ca. 1950/Wool pile/Coton warp/56 KPSI


2.1x3 Sarouk/India/New/Wool pile/Cotton warp/225 KPSI


2.1x3 Abadeh/Iran/Ca. 1960/Wool pile/Cotton warp/120 KPSI


1.10x1.11 Afshar Bag/Persia/Ca. 1935/Wool pile/Cotton warp/196 KPSI


8x10 Kashan/India/New/Silk & Wool embossed/Cotton Warp/110 KPSI


3.4x5 Silk Qum/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1975/Silk pile/Silk warp/400 KPSI


5ft.x5ft. round Versage style/China/Ca. 1990/Wool pile/Cotton warp/177 KPSI


4x6 Kashan/China/New/Silk pile/Silk warp/500 KPSI


2.9x7 Yalameh/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1975/Wool pile/Wool warp/100 KPSI


3.5x4.9 Baktiari/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1975/Wool pile/Cotton warp/121 KPSI


3x3.9 Quilt rug/Pakistan/New/Handspun wool/Natural dyes/90 KPSI

#17451 SOLD

6x9 Aubusson/Pakistan/New/Wool pile/Cotton warp/288 KPSI


2.8x6.7 Sarouk/Iran/Ca. 1950/Wool pile/120 KPSI

#53001 SOLD

7x10.2 Sarouk/Iran/Ca. 1950/Wool pile/81 KPSI


6.6x9.6 Qashqai/Iran/Ca. 1940/Wool pile/Wool warp/132 KPSI

#53239 SOLD

2.7x4.9 Silk Qum/Iran/ Silk pile/Silk warp/ca. 3rd Qtr. 20th century/504 KPSI


3.6x5 Yalameh/Persia/Iran/Ca. 1975/Wool pile/Wool warp/132 KPSI


3x4 Karabaugh/Afghanistan-Pakistan border/Wool pile/Wool warp/Natural dyes/ 80 KPSI/Ca. New


3x5 Art Deco design Tibetan/Nepal/Wool pile/Cotton warp/36 KPSI/New


7x7 Sarouk/Iran/Wool pile/Cotton warp/110 KPSI/3rd Qtr. 20th century


6.8x9.10 Tabriz/Iran/Wool with silk highlights/Cotton warp/288 KPSI/Ca. New


6x9 Aubusson/Pakistan/Wool pile/Cotton warp/266 KPSI/New


7.8x9.10 Heriz/Iran/Persia/wool pile/cotton warp/circa 1950/approx. 56 KPSI


5.3x6.9 Bessarabian Kilim/Turkey/wool flatweave/circa 1950






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